Salman Khan really loves Bigg Boss. He genuinely cares about the contestants inside the house, and all people close to the actor knows that. He is very attached to the show, like a kid to his favourite toy. But something that the show runners have done to Salman, has really upset him. And we totally side with Salman on this one.

Accodring to a leading entertainment portal, Salman had sent homemade food for the contestants inside the house, and it never got delivered to them. Yep! Bigg Boss 10 show runners didn’t send Salman Khan’s gift inside the house to the contestants. And Salman would have never come to know about this. But as luck may have it, he causally asked the contestants off-camera that if they liked the food sent to them. The confused look on the contestants’ face said it all. Salman slammed the makers for disrespecting him like this, and not sending his food inside the house. That is so disrespectful of the makers of Bigg Boss 10 and we totally understand the anger. But Bigg Boss season 10 has anyway failed to take care of the contestants. What else do you expect? If Bigg Boss 10 show runners can’t protect contestants from abusive housemates, food is a small issue. And then if someone like Rohan Mehra wants to leave the show for not being taken care of properly, they are indirectly asked to stay inside the house while reminding them of the huge caution money they would have to pay.

Salman is popular for treating the cast and crew of films and shows he is working on with homemade delicacies. No wonder he was disheartened to see the show runners disrespect his request like this.

There have been no evictions last week, since Om Swami was thrown out of the house mid week due to his crass behaviour. There are rumours that there will be a mid week eviction followed by a regular eviction this week. So there are chances that two contestants will leave the journey this week.