Women say hello to your new breast friend – the Ta-Ta Towel!

Invented by Erin Robertson, the towel finally solves the problem of under boob sweat. It’s kind of like a scarf that ends in two cups which lift and hold the breast up while keeping them dry at the same time. “Whether at the spa, gym or just lounging around the house, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your boobs’ new breast friend,” Robertson writes. Plus, it’s great for pregnant or breastfeeding moms too as the ultra-soft rayon liner is made for sensitive nipples and can absorb any breast milk that might leak out. Ta-Ta Towel to the rescue!

Women sweat. Yes, they do. And most of the time, we sweat under their boobs. It worsens for the big-breasted curvy ladies. This problem for many was solved by Erin Robertson from Los Angeles who came up with mind-blasting innovation – Ta-Ta Towel. A combination of bra and towel, Ta-Ta Towel made of confetti fabric is working wonders for the struggle against boob sweat is real. Designed like halter-necks bikini tops, this new lingerie type is selling like hot cake. The pictures of Ta-Ta Towel look super comfortable and make you instantly order one on the tatatowel.com website. But how did its creator, Erin get the inspiration and idea for thinking of such an amazing product?

Erin shared the story behind the creation of Ta-Ta Towel on the product’s website. She narrated about coming with this indigenous idea after sweating profusely while getting ready for her first date. The air-conditioner has broken down, making her sweat like a pig. Erin tried everything from tucking wash clothes under her breasts to sprinkling a lot of baby powder and even wearing a t-shirt and tucking under her big boobs. Everything failed to stop the sweat tsunami, and in Erin’s own words, all she could think was – “There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach.” Obviously, she went to the date sweating, but Erin was determined to find a permanent solution because boob sweat was not just her problem but surely others must be facing it as well.