Cheesy Khandvi Recipe

Preparation Time: 5minutes
Cooking Time:10-15 minutes
Serve for :2

Ingredients Required:

Gram flour .. 1cup
Curd.. 1cup
Hing. 1Pinch
Haldi powder ..1tsp
Chillie paste.. 1tsp
Salt.. as per your taste
Mozzarella cheese . 1/2 cup
Paneer.. 1/2Cup
pizza seasoning
Grated coconut.. 1Tbs
Pomegranate seeds.. 1Tbs

For tampering…
Mustard seeds.. 1tsp
Curry leaves.. 8-10


Mix gram flour ,curd,hing, haldi, chillie paste, salt nd make thick batter.
Take a pan and cook this batter till thickens but stir continuously.
Spread this batter on a back side of a greesed thali.
Cut into 5 “size straps .
Spread grated cheese paneer or pizza seasoning on it.put those khadvi for 30seconds in a preheated oven.
For Tampering…. In hot mustard oil add mustard seeds, curry leaves spread on cheese khandvi.
For plating…
Spread grated coconut and pomegranate seeds on khandvi and serve.