Sanjay Mittal, a renowned name in Glass Industry in Uttar Pradesh and a close friend of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, was abducted by gun-toting motorcycle-borne criminals in Ferozabad district on Friday.

Still groping in dark about the double murder of jewellers in Mathura, the broad-day light kidnapping of the famous glass industrialist has come as a big blow to the Uttar Pradesh Police and Yogi government which is finding it difficult to reply to opposition’s charges on deteriorating law and order situation after sudden rise in criminal incidents in the state.

Sanjay Mittal, owner of FM Glass Industry, was on way to his factory in Nagla Bhau industrial area in Ferozabad when his Innova was intercepted by a motor-cyclist. Two men in police dress stopped his car and whipped out a pistol and carjacked Sanjay in his own car.

Acting as policemen, the criminals first cleared the traffic on the national highway and sped away with Sanjay in his own car towards Agra highway. They left their motor-cycle on the spot. The police, which reached the spot one hour late, seized the mobike and sought registration details of its owner from the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Sanjay Mittal is one of the well-known name in Glass industry in Ferozabad. He is politically well connected with big shots in the BJP, including the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. About 20 years ago his father S.P. Mittal was also kidnapped. The family had to pay a ransom of Rs 1 core for his release.

The news of Sanjay’s kidnapping spread like wildfire in the city and power corridors. The local MLA Manish Aseeja has informed the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath about the kidapping of the Ferozabad’s renowned industrialist. Ironically, both were present in the UP Assembly to participate in the debate over law and order.

The Chief Minister has directed the DGP to take all possible steps to arrest kidnappers immediately and ensure safe release of the abducted glass industrialist. The Special Task Force (STF) has also been pressed into the search operation. All phones of the family members and relatives have been put on surveillance to trace possible ransom call. The Ferozabad police have sealed all entry points to the city and alerted intelligence units in neighbouring towns to look out for the Innova car.