Passengers who travelled on a Rajdhani train from Mumbai to Delhi have complained that they were drugged and robbed of around Rs. 12 lakh cash.

The robbery took place allegedly on the August Kranti Rajdhani that stops at Delhi’s Nizamuddin Railway station. As soon as the train arrived this morning, passengers rushed to report their cash and belongings missing.

“I have lost valuables and cash worth Rs. 50,000… I have heard that at least seven-eight coaches are affected,” said a woman who alleged that the train was left virtually unguarded when there was a change of staff at Rajasthan’s Kota.

On reports of passengers being drugged, she said: “Many of us felt that we suddenly fell deep into sleep and woke up only to learn that our purses etc had vanished. We called attendants but they did nothing.”

Another passenger, Alka Jain, said her purse, iPhone, passport, Aadhaar card and 18,000 cash had been stolen. “When I realised that my purse was gone, a woman came screaming from another coach that her bag had been stolen.”

The Railway Police Force says it has information about at least six passengers being robbed and that it will file an FIR or formal complaint.

In April, robbers struck the Delhi-Patna Rajdhani Express at a place in Bihar and stole cash and jewellery worth lakhs from sleeping passengers. The robbery raised questions about security in the country’s main train service.